52 Roll Project

Well, it is 2017. It is pretty astounding how fast a year can go by. I had a weird year when it comes to photography. I spent a little under half of the year just shooting film.  That Hasselblad drastically changed everything.  I found myself scrolling through all the images on my computer from 2016 the other day and started reminiscing.  My favorite images of this year are hands down shot with my film cameras. I have all these memories to reflect on and I started thinking of how to push myself further into this art form. After a little research, I found something that stuck with me. The project is called the “52 Roll” project.

First, shoutout to Rob Timko. He did this project with his son last year and I absolutely loved it. What I have chosen to do is shoot a roll a week for the entire year of 2017. I will use only one film stock and one camera with one lens. Then I will develop all 52 rolls at once in the beginning of 2018. I will be using the Pentax 67 with the 105mm 2.4 lens. The film stock I have chosen is Fuji 400h. The reason I chose this particular film is because the price, the color rendition, and 400 ISO is a great ISO to shoot in most situations. I also shot a lot of it this past year. Here are some of my favorites from this past year using Fuji 400H:

I am hopeful that 2017 will be a life changing year as an artist. With the launch of my website and going forward with this project is igniting my passion for photography. I looked throughout all the images on my website and still felt something was missing. The reason for this project is to really create a body of work that represents me. I will sit down this time next year and look at all 520 images together. Right now, I feel I take pictures of many different things. When I view a year’s worth of work all at once, it should tell me what I like to photograph the most. But my style could change drastically over a year. This is what excites me the most about this project. As I grow as person, my photography will grow with me. I will update you all throughout the year of my progress and what I have learned thus far!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I have had a terrible travel bug lately. I have found extremely cheap plane tickets to some cool places. I went Nashville to visit my friend Ben and then I went to New Orleans to hang out with my brother. My latest trip was one that I will never forget. On a whim, I decided to fly to Orlando, Florida to visit a friend. She had mentioned that I could come visit and she would show me around. I searched for plane tickets and found a round trip ticket for under $100! Instantly purchased the ticket not knowing if I had the days off of work or she would even be available to host me. Little did I know, it was the perfect dates for traveling. 

I arrived early afternoon to the warmth that I recently encountered in New Orleans. Excitement set in as I exited the airport and was greeted by Abbey Featherstone. We stopped for some food and headed to her place to start planning the next couple of days. Now up until this point, I was expecting to see downtown Orlando and maybe the beach.  Nothing was set in stone. Abbey works at Disney World. She is actually heading to Shanghai next year to work at the new Disney Park opening up. We planned to go to Disney World the next day so she could show me around. One of her roommates works at Universal Studios and asked if I wanted to go there. THIS IS WHEN IT HIT ME.

WAIT. Isn’t there a Harry Potter world in Universal Studios?!”

Nothing else needed to be discussed. Disney World one day; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter the next. The only other moment I can recall that I felt this much excitement was when I got the original Playstation for Christmas over a decade ago. We went to Disney World the following day and I decided to take my digital camera.  I saved all my film for Harry Potter the following day. Check them out below!

All photos taken on Hasselblad 500C/M with a Ziess 50mm F4 and 80mm F2.8. Fuji400H and TMAX 400

New Orleans

A really common goal amongst friends and well, everyone is to travel. I have never left the country. I did travel to Puerto Rico in 2014. Since then, I have been itching to get on a plane and see the world. Since I cannot afford to travel outside of the country anytime soon, I have been around the US lately. I recently visited New Orleans for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Although I have been to New Orleans before, this time was different. For one, my brother goes to college in New Orleans. I went to see him perform at a night club in the city. Secondly, the trip was more of a excuse to get out of Fort Collins for a weekend. I had no idea it was the 10th anniversary until I arrived. Nothing was planned except Friday evening with my brother. The remaining two days I was there were unplanned. And last, I did take my digital camera but I did not use it at all. I explored and took pictures strictly with my Hasselblad.  

Walking around the French Quarters with my hasselblad around my neck attracted a lot of attention. I had a random conversation with a young man named Derik who was visiting from Germany.  He stopped me to talk to me about my camera. He knew more about the camera than I did! The waist level view finder makes everyone in your radius know a picture is being taken.  And the shutter alerts people as if I sneezed abruptly. It makes me giggle honestly. The manual focus makes it difficult to shoot from the hip or try to capture motion.  Therefore, I shot mostly photos of architecture or things I could set up. 

Now notice how these pictures are located as I meandered around the French Quarters. I was fortunate enough to meet a beautiful soul named Aurora. I announced I would be traveling to New Orleans on instagram and she commented and stated she lives in New Orleans and would love to meet up! This is when the power of social media shined. We met in the French Quarters then she showed me part of the city that I feel in love with. 

We ventured uptown near Loyola and Tulane’s campuses and stopped at Audubon Park. We walked up to the Tree of Life located near the zoo. 

Walking around this park gave me such a nostalgic feeling. The humidity hugs my skin, adding an extra level of comfort. I missed this. The trees are taller.  Actually, lets focus on the trees for a second. They have character as if where they were planted, they were given a name. Some wider than others, some taller. I could not help but feel such an overwhelming presence standing under the trees. As I walked through the park, I remembered my childhood and smiled. I loved every moment of that afternoon. 

The remainder of the trip was spent doing the things everyone should do while in New Orleans: eating and drinking. I did not take photos of those experiences but you should already be convinced that they city is good in that department.  

Traveling with only a film camera was a challenge. The Hasselblad is not light. I am quite sure it is just as heavy as my DSLR. Constantly measuring the light to gather a correct exposure became annoying. I definitely will be investing in a real light meter soon.  I only brought three rolls of film with me. That is a total of 36 images. I have to break the habit of shooting everything that looks interesting and only capture a moment that I feel is timeless. This is what I loved about shooting film. I have to fully immerse myself in the environment. I experience more this way. I spend more time looking up and taking everything in. There are a couple things I am going to change up for the next trip but for this one, it was perfect.  

Next up, Orlando, Florida!